Feeling Artsy: Themed Children's Bedroom Ideas

October 30, 2017

If it’s one thing we’ve learned about children, it is that they grow up fast. One day they can’t get enough of lions and recognize their favorite animal in everything - but in a few days, they’ll wake up and talk about unicorns instead. It makes it a bit difficult to decorate and properly theme a child’s bedroom as you never know when they’re planning on growing out of the theme or just get bored with it.
Luckily, they’re not in charge. You can decorate your child’s bedroom in a stylish way that they’ll still enjoy, though, and it doesn’t have to be all glitter and sparkles to look magical . Here are two great themes for your child’s bedroom which they won’t look silly in after a few short years - and if they do, just tell them to grow up a bit slower.
Educational decor
It might not sound that fun to a child’s ears but hear me out; learning is fun, and the bedroom will look both contemporary and cool if you put a bit of effort into it. Make it educational for a little explorer and cover one wall with an entire map, for example. Set up a little reading-nook there and give them the perfect corner for discovering new books, stories - and places. 

Remember the books for the reading corner. Source 
You can find beds with chalkboards on as well as bed sheets and duvet covers they can draw on, creating their own piece of decorative art to sleep in. You have to buy washable ink, though, unless they include it with the bed sheets as you don’t want to buy new ones every time.
There are a lot of other elements you can include, depending on your child’s age, and they’ll be begging you to go to bed a bit sooner. Or maybe not - but at least they’ll love and cherish their new space.
Enchanted forest theme
If you have a little camper in your family or just someone who just really likes fairies, they’d love an enchanted forest theme. You don’t have to go all the way as they seem to do on Pinterest, though, as it’s easy to get a bit tired of green wallpaper.
Keep the walls white and add elements of wood or brown shades throughout the room. If you’re a bit artistic, you can always use half a wall or similar to paint a wonderful and magical tree. Use a moss-green carpet on the floor and have a look at these single beds for kids  shaped as teepees to make it a proper wildlife experience.
If you’re in the middle of a renovation project already, you might as well treat the walls or just one of the walls to a wood panel. 

Enchant them with forests and fairies. Source 
Make the decoration work with what your kids are into at the moment and keep the permanent items, such as walls and floors, as neutral as possible. It makes it a lot easier for the room to grow with their age, so to speak.
Have a look at this site for some more enchanted forest ideas and ignore the fact that they think it’s for boys - as if girls can’t like forests. Listen to your child’s ideas too; they may come up with something incredibly original you’d never have thought of - plus, it’s their bedroom in any way. 



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