November School Lunches And Kid Food

December 15, 2017

Sorry for the late post! It has been crazy around here!! Here are school lunches and kid food from November. 

Baked tofu and hummus on organic Italian bread, chocolate coconut milk, kale chips, pretzel crisps and peppers. 

The same sandwich, peppers with hummus, pretzels and juice. 

The girls loved these Elements chocolate covered rice cakes this month. 

A bagel with Earth Balance Vegan Butter, peppers, popcorn, baked tofu and chocolate milk. 

Vegan gluten free cookies from my niece’s birthday!

This was her vegan cupcake cake!

Little A wanted cereal one day. This is One Degree whole wheat flakes, cashew milk and apples. I packed a light lunch because this was on a half day so she was home around lunch time. 

Baked tofu and hummus on organic Italian bread, garlic stuffed olives and juice. Another half day lunch!

The girls love So Delicious coconut milk yogurt! They go through so many in a week!

Lunch at home: baked tofu and lettuce on organic sourdough for one girl, Follow Your Heart Cheese and lettuce for the other! Both had  carrots and peppers. 

Family açaí bowls. 

Vegan muffins in NYC. 

Another half day, baked tofu, apples, pretzels and juice. 

A bagel with Earth Balance butter, pretzel crisps, juice and apples. 

Hummus and lettuce on organic Italian bread, juice, garlic stuffed olives, apples and popcorn. 

Oatmeal for breakfast with wild blueberries and chocolate chips. 

Little S’ lunch one day: potatoes, a veggie burger, arugula and hummus. 

Eating açai bowls with the heat on and the car parked.

Little A had a movie night at school. They provided popcorn and candy.. We brought our own organic vegan version!

Smoothie bowl lunch like Mommy!

hummus in lettuce on organic sourdough bread, Kalamata olives, apples, juice and Simple Mills chocolate chip cookies.

Rice and vegetable soup, some Dandy marshmallows, lettuce, pretzel crisps and juice.

A bagel with Earth Balance, a Made Good granola bar, olives, apples and juice. 

Picture that Little A drew of our family!

Daiya Mac and cheese, carrots, pretzels, apples and juice. 

Smoothie bowl lunches! 

Rice and vegetable soup, apples, half a large vegan cookie, lettuce and juice. 

Little S eating vegan cake at Little A’s birthday party. 

Cake pop at the Vegan Holiday Pop-Up!

Rice and black beans, lettuce, Unreal vegan “m&ms”, carrots and juice. 

Finally, Little S finishing off T’s salad. 



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