Living Without a Colon Year 4

November 8, 2017

Today is my 4 year assiversary! I’ve been living without a Colon for 4 years now! How did this happen? Read my post here if you don’t know my story. But basically, i am living with a “j-pouch”, which means part of my small intestine plays the role of my large intestine (the colon). Before that, I had a ileostomy (a bag) for 7 months during my 3 surgeries and before that, I was sick for 8 years with Ulcerative Colitis. I tried every single med, diet, practice around and finally got to the point that my whole colon needed to be removed. 


Anyway, not much has changed this past year.. I’m still med-free, symptom-free, pain-free, and living life! Every day I wake up so grateful that i got my life back. I no longer even think about that time in my life. It is so distant and so much has happened since.  I now have so much freedom. I feel truly blessed. 



I’m still eating 100% vegan and gluten free. I aim for Whole Foods but I enjoy treats too! No more depriving myself because I am afraid to get sick. I truly enjoy every meal so much and aim to nourish myself fully. I still take a very strong probiotic either by Custom Probiotics (triple dose) or VSL3 Double Strength. I truly believe this has helped keep my J-pouch healthy. All in all, I feel great and that’s what matters! Here’s too many more years of health! Cheers! 

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