Blood Test Results from 10+ Years Vegan

November 29, 2017


I recently had my yearly check up with my GI and everything is great! She did blood work and I wanted to share the results. So here is my blood work from 10 years on a vegan diet. 

As you can see, all my levels are great! There was more tests, but I figured these were the ones you all would care about! :) My levels across the board were perfect.

I want to mention that I don't just follow a vegan diet but I also eat 100% gluten free and I try to eat a balanced diet. Meaning, I don’t aim for “all raw” or “no grains”, “no sugar”, etc. Personally, these type of diets I don’t stick with and I find myself feeling unbalanced. As long as I’m eating lots of fruits, veggies, gluten free grains, gluten free vegan protein like beans, tofu and tempeh, I feel my best. With a variety of foods, you get a variety of nutrients and minerals.

I also want to note that I take vitamins. I take Garden of Life for my multi (daily and it is prenatal since I’m still nursing), B12 and zinc (a few times a week). I also take Synergy’s Bone Renewal since I was on prednisone for so many years. I also use Living Intentions Vitamin d/k2 patch and a few days a week I use black strap molasses and Pure k2/d3 in my smoothies. For omega 3’s, I take Omega-Zen 3 with EPA, chia seeds and Udo’s vegan omega oil. This may sound like a lot, but I like to have a little insurance and as you can see, it’s been working out for me.

Here’s to another 100+ years of health! ;)

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