NJ Veg-Fest Pop-Up

November 20, 2017

Hi! Sorry I’ve been blogging so much less, I’m really wondering if anyone follows me here anymore. I did a poll on Instagram and most people aren’t following me here. So unless I have a whole other following here, I feel like I’m talking to myself! Haha! Of course, I’m not about the numbers but I put time and effort into blogging so I dont want it to be for nothing! 

Anyway, on Sunday, we went to a NJ VegFest Pop-Up in Asbury Park. 

This was much smaller than the normal VegFest, but always worth it to have vegan food all around you! Little S enjoying a apple cider donut from MoPweeze Bakery and a ravioli sample. 

We ate our way through the place! Little S having a cake pop from MoPweeze. Let’s just say, the girls had their fill of sugar for awhile! So have I! They usually don’t finish, and guess who ends up eating the left overs! Me!

Waiting for some Vegan Treats! T waited in line for about 30 minutes to tackle Vegan Treats. The girls and I walked around and sat on these steps nearby. They were pretty patient. 

Alas, vegan heaven! 

They didn’t have many gluten free options but these brownies, pumpkin cakes and brownies were!

Little S with the goods!

We took home a sprinkle and chocolate donut, a funnel cake pastry, “chick’n” and waffles on a donut and a gluten free cookie for me. 

I also had some “beet balls” over kale from Yeah Dawg. 

I accidentally took this picture!

This one was on purpose! ;)


Have a great day! xo

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