Vegan Thanksgiving and Little A Turns 7

November 27, 2017

Another vegan Thanksgiving in the books and another birthday for Little A! 

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my bro-in-law and sis-in-law’s home. I brought the Tempeh! I used my recipe but added some holiday herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage. Came out delicious! 

Fruit turkey was the only turkey my family enjoyed! 

My sis-in-law is gluten free and she always makes lots of gluten free/vegan food for us to enjoy. There was cornbread muffins, olives, hummus, nut cheese, crackers, nuts and spinach dip. 

Spinach dip! My first time having a vegan version! 

My mother-in-law is also vegan, so there is always more than enough options! We brought vegan stuffing from Seed to Sprout, T whipped up some mashed potatoes, my sis-in-law made sweet potatoes with Dandy marshmallows and a broccoli casserole with Daiya cheese. 

Cranberries too! Yum! This was my plate. So good!

We brought a Daiya Pumpkin Spice cheesecake. My sis-in-law added some coconut whip, pecans and pumpkin spice to it. 

 Family shot! Thanksgiving was a beautiful, loving day with our family. 

The next day, was Little A’s birthday and birthday party at a local art studio. 

We got a cupcake-cake from House of Cupcakes. They made it vegan for us! Everyone loved it and let me tell you, first graders are a tough crowd! 

We had a mermaid theme and the girls painted a canvas of a mermaid. 

Our merfamily ;). 

Little S got into it too. 

But she really got into the cake! Hehe! 

Dance party after painting, followed by dress up and pretend play, tattoos and makeup! Let’s just say, this party was a huge success! 

The celebration continued on Saturday! My parents had our family over for cake (left over vegan cupcake-cake). 

We also had a vegan, gluten free apple pie and Breyer’s new dairy free ice cream! Talk about a celebration! 

The girlie who made me a Momma! 

May all your wishes always come true, my love. 



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