My 2017 Gift Guide

December 7, 2017

Today I’m sharing my 2017 gift guide! I tried to keep it simple with a few sections and only items I either love, am looking to get others, or want myself! ;)


First up: Gifts for Anyone 

I received a PB & Jealous box from the company a few weeks ago and I fell in love. Who doesn’t love peanut butter and jelly? This is a subscription box with different options for how many months you want to send it for. They include artisan, high quality peanut butter and jelly paired by chefs. So fun!



An Air Fryer: I am intrigued by these. You can make French fries and other fried foods with very little oil. My sister has one and loves it. 







For the Ladies:

I recently got these EcoTools brushes and I really like them ! I use to use EcoTools other bamboo brushes until it was time to get new ones and for some reason, I got another brand of vegan brushes. They weren’t at all close in quality and efficiency. These are complexion brushes which are great for your face. I use different brushes on my eyes. Anyway, these come in their own gift box too! Thanks to Kris Carr for introducing these to me in her gift guide!

I won this gorgeous cheche scarf from Natierra. I love the color. The cheche is “a cloth used by travelers and nomads to protect themselves from harsh elements. Historically, it’s dyed with naturally occuring indigo.” They say, “At Natierra, the cheche is a symbol of our journey to create meaningful relationships with the earth and our partners who define the soul of our product.” I have been using mine for our weekend adventures. Sort of as a take along in my travels. You can find these on Amazon or Etsy. Great for a traveler! 


A VitaJewul Water Bottle : I also found out about this one on Kris Carr’s holiday list. These gorgeous (not cheap) water bottles are made of glass and have crystals inside to infuse your water with the energy. There are different bottles for different needs. This is a luxury gift for sure! 


The Inner Beauty Bible:  This gorgeous book is beyond dreamy! I have had it on my wishlist for awhile now. This book is full of mindful rituals to nourish your soul. 



Honestly, I have no idea what I’m getting for T! But here are some past gifts I have gotten him that he enjoyed. 


23andMe: This is a genealogy kit. T found out he was things he has no idea about! He still says he’s all “Italian” :) Haha! This was not only fun and exciting but they have discount codes all the time. Before Thanksgiving they even has buy one get one half off. I kinda want to do it myself!


NYR Men’s Line: (my store link) T loves the NYR men’s products! They are natural, organic and fantastic! I have noticed such a difference in his skin. He works outside so it’s important that he takes care of his skin. These products also smell very nice and “manly”. 


These are a few things we got the girls:

A Unicorn Chess Set: Little A learned how to play chess at camp this Summer. This unicorn set is perfect for her! 


A Telescope: This is a big gift for Little A who loves watching the stars and learning about planets. 


Skip Hop Toddler Backpack: We got this for Little  S who always wants to be like her big sister and have a book bag. She likes carrying around purses too so she is getting one of those as well. 


Baby Play Area: This is Little S’ big gift. She loves dolls and playing babies. She gets so much use out of dolls (Little A was never that into them). This is plastic (bummer) but stuff like this, we always end up selling for a cheap price on our town Facebook page. So someone else can get use out of it!



*All products are of my own opinion. I wasn’t paid to promote anything listed here. Affilate links noted.

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