How Do You Teach Children Valuable Lessons About the Planet?

November 30, 2017

The planet is a big place, and there are so many complex issues about politics, or the environment, it can be difficult to know where to start. Starting small and simple, could be the best way to teach them about the big issues our world faces. Although teaching in classrooms is the way they will usually learn things, there are lots of alternative ways to help them to learn, and different things work for different children. Here are some ways to help children to understand about the world, and some ideas you can go out and try too. 


What Kind of Learner are they?

You may have heard that everyone learns things using different senses. Some people can only learn in one way, and others aren’t really fussed. Some children might be visual learners, so reading, sitting down with a book, or seeing diagrams, will be the best way that they learn. Other children might be auditory learners, so listening, speaking, hearing music or songs, will be a great way to get interested in learning something. There are also kinetic learners too, who prefer to touch, feel, or build something, and can retain information more when doing this way. Teaching children using some, or all of these methods can make learning a diverse and inclusive experience for everyone, as well as making learning a lot more fun.

Getting Out the Classroom
The classroom is a great place to learn, and somewhere children can concentrate too. Getting outside of the classroom, and into a different environment can help keep children interested in learning. Being in a different environment, there can be lots of different stimulants to keep looking and thinking. Children that learn in different ways can also benefit from these outings, as often there can so many ways to learn. 




Where to Go?

Wherever you live in the world, there will be local places to go visit. Teaching children about the planet has to start somewhere, whether it’s a classroom, or your local area. Where you live is a microcosm of the world itself, so learning about sustainability, geography, or history in your area can help children to apply this understanding to other parts of the world.

Museums can be great place to go with children for the day, whether it is with a class or with the family. Tours are really useful for auditory learners, and those who like looking and reading can be sure to find something too. There are also lots of national trust properties, or things like castles and industrial buildings scattered across the country that contain lots of history.

Take a Trip 

If you are to, going abroad can be the best way to learn about the world. You could organise a school trip to Iceland , a hike in the French Alps, or learn about turtles in Turkey. Seeing and living it, is the best way to learn about our planet.
There are so many ways to teach children about the world, changing how you teach, or the environment, is a great way to start.      



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