December School Lunches and Kid Food

January 5, 2018

Hi! Today I’m sharing another round of school lunches and kid food. I hope I can help give you ideas for your kids! :)

Organic snowflake pasta with tomato sauce, baked tofu cubes, carrots, popcorn, and organic juice. (Water always included even though not pictured)

Lentil and rice soup, lettuce, apples, popcorn, and organic juice. 

Little S loves these Vigilant Eats oatmeals. 

Snowflake pasta with tomato sauce, apples, carrots, pretzels, and juice. 

Lunch date with Little S. She had a banana whip with chocolate chips!

Rice and bean flat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and a granola bar. 

Rice and beans, lettuce, carrots, Unreal vegan quinoa “m&ms”, juice. 

Sharing an açaí bowl while meeting a friend for lunch. 

Amy’s veggie pizza, carrots, taratelli (Italian cracker), apples, popcorn, and juice. 

Lettuce and hummus on organic bread, apples, carrots, popcorn, and juice. 

Same sandwich, raisins, carrots, apples, and juice. 

Left over pasta fagioli, carrots, apples, granola bar, garlic stuffed olives, and juice. 

Vegan mushroom hot cocoa from Four Sigmatic with Dandy marshmallows. 

Daiya Mac and cheese, pretzels, carrots, lettuce, juice. 

Same but with popcorn! 

Same but with a hummus and lettuce sandwich. 

Hummus and baked tofu on organic bread, garlic stuffed olives, cucumbers, apples, juice. 

Left over lentils with kale, apples, pretzels, cucumbers, garlic stuffed olives, and juice. 

Left over quinoa pasta with broccoli rabe, cucumbers, pretzels, apples, juice. 

Spaghetti with tomato sauce, baked tofu cubes, cucumbers, and juice. 

Left over escarole and beans, pretzels, kalamata olives, apples, and juice. 


See you with more kid food next month! :)

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