Save Money! My Recipe for All Natural Cleansing Spray

December 22, 2017

Make your own all natural, all purpose, Cleaning spray! 


White vinegar is super cheap and one bottle of Organic Defense Spray will last many, many refills for the spray!

Our organic Defense oil cleanses surfaces or you can vaporize to deodorize and purify the air.

My recipe is just half white vinegar, half water, 10 drops in a large spray bottle.  

How to Use:
Vaporization: add 2-4 drops to a diffuser to deodorize and purify the air.

Inhalation: add 4-6 drops to a bowl of hot water and inhale the vapors for 5-10 minutes.

Cleansing: apply 2-3 drops to a damp cloth to cleanse kitchen or work surfaces; or add to laundry liquids and household cleansers.

Organic Defense Oil.

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