January School Lunches and Kid Food (Finally!)

March 5, 2018

Better late than never? Haha! I know how popular these posts are, and I have February to post too (hopefully this week!). Sorry for the delay, I may have to combine months for now on. Lol! 

This was pasta fagioli; apples, oranges, cucumbers, water, juice. 

Baked tofu, hummus, and lettuce on organic bread, cucumbers, juice, olives, popcorn, grapes. 

Same sandwich, clementine, juice, olives, pretzels. 

Miso broth, carrots, olives, juice, pretzels. 

Miso broth, grilled cheese with Follow Your Heart cheese, juice, apples, pretzels. 

Grilled cheese, olives, juice, carrots, a GoGo squeez, pretzels. 

Grilled cheese, a GoGo Squeez, miso broth, garlic stuffed olives, lettuce. 

Hummus on sourdough bread, lettuce, pretzels, juice, apples. 

Daiya mac and cheese, clementine, pretzels, garlic stuffed olives, a GoGo Squeez 

Quinoa, chickpeas, sauce, and kale; apples, carrots, juice, water, a Made Good granola bar. 

Baked tofu and hummus on sourdough, carrots, an Abe’s vegan muffin, juice. 

Little S eating sweet potatoes and Gardein Tenders. 

Cucumbers and hummus on sourdough, olives, apples, pretzels, juice. 

Simple Mills muffins we made for T’s bday! 

Little S helped make them and Little A frosted them. 

Bagel with Earth Balance, carrots, chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, lentils. 

Bagel with Earth Balance, carrots, a Made Good bar, juice. 

Banana eating girlie!

Tomato, rice, kale, chickpea soup (recipe a few posts back), olives, juice, a Made Good bar, lettuce. 

Eating lentil and kale soup at Fresh Press Juice Co. 

Açaí bowl! 

Vegan pizza! 

Another açaí bowl! ;)



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