I Got My Nose Pierced

January 31, 2018

As you may know by now (or by the title), I got my nose pierced! As someone who usually plays on the safe side, this was a huge experience for me and definitely cracked me open for some other big changes in my life. I’m not going to say I was scared because I wasn't scared one bit, but I did put it off for 4 years which made me ask myself, why? 

When I was going through my surgeries, over 3 years ago, I got the idea that I wanted to pierce my nose. T was on board, he really liked the idea, but because I was still going through my surgeries (I had 3), I had to wait until that chapter was over. Then, I became pregnant with Little S, and I really didn't think about it again until recently. Every so often, I get the itch that I want a change. Usually this means cutting my hair differently, or one time I got pink streaks; but this time, I was dead set on piercing my nose. I don't have any tattoos or any piercings other than my ears, so this was a big jump for me. I also admire the culture in India and how beautiful and royal their women look in their gorgeous gowns, head pieces, and nose rings. They even have a symbolic meaning to piercing their noses.

Copy and pasted from here:

“It is said that Ayurvedic (The oldest Vedic scripts that refer to Medicine and part of Vedic Resources) medicine associates nostril's piercing location with the female reproductive organs. That's why you need get the ear pierced by an experienced goldsmith, who knows by touching the skin, whether or not any nerve pass through the specific portion. While piercing the ear or nose, no passing nerve system should be disturbed or wounded, hence much care has to be taken for piercing. which is divided into many chapters, states. Ayurveda, which is part of the Indian Vedic Scripts, states that Nose too linked with the female reproductive organs; accordingly the nose piercing is supposed to make childbirth easier and lessen period pain during women's natural menstrual course and periods.”

Obviously, this wasn’t my reason, but I found this so fascinating. I just love learning about other cultures. I’m very open minded, and I never believe is just one way.

So why did I pierce my nose?

Well, as a symbol of my new life. My life without an illness. Yes, I have been healthy for over 3 years now, but like I said, I had some delays! I have learned to live my life to the fullest with no regrets. Only going forward, and if I am being drawn to do something, I don't over think it, I just do it! 

What’s next?

Hopefully a trip to Disney! Haha! This may not be for a year or so, but I have major anxiety about flying. With my new motto though, I gotta do it! Plus, we’ve been wanting to take the girls there for a long time. So we will see how this plays out! :)

Have you been putting off living to the fullest? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never did?


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