My Birthday and Weekend Celebrations

February 5, 2018



Last Thursday, February 1, was my birthday!

I woke up to a beautiful card from Little A! She makes the best pictures! 

While Little A was in school, I took Little S to get lunch at Fresh Press Juice Co. I had the kale salad with a Yeah Dawg and Coconut Bacon. So good! In case you don’t know, Yeah Dawg’s are vegan hotdogs made without any yucky ingredients. All vegetables, seeds, and gluten free flour. They are super good!

Little S had the Curry Lentil Soup, which she loved!

Birthday life! Little S and I made Simple Mills cupcakes with a vegan egg and cashew milk. 

For dinner, we ordered local Indian food. My favorite! This was spicy okra, Chana masala, lentils, falafel and basmati rice. 

On Saturday, T and I went to lunch alone while my parents watched the girls. We it up Seed to Sprout for their Seed Salad with tahini dressing and a side of potatoes. Ridiculously good! 

I had a Yerba Matte latte too. 

After that, we made a few stops including a crystal shop then we grabbed the girls and stoped by the beach. It was frigid out, but the girls didn’t want to leave! I enjoy visiting the ocean, even when it’s super cold. 

On our way home, we stopped by a marina too. 

On Sunday, we celebrated the Justin Timberlake preshow for This is Us. Haha! Aka: The Super Bowl. We made cauliflower wings and lots of other snacks like roasted potatoes, guacamole, Hilary’s bites, hummus and veggies, and the girls had Gardien Crispy Tenders. 


It was the perfect birthday weekend! Here’s to another trip around the sun! Cheers!

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