March Favorites

April 4, 2018

Happy Belated April!


March was a rather fast month! The weather definitely came in like a lion (snow storm) and out like a lamb (70 degrees and sunny on the last day of the month). 

We also had lots of rain! Which meant jumping in muddy puddles!

When the sun was out, so were we! Climbing trees and all! This jean coat from Gap kids is totally my favorite accessory this month!

Little S had her first braid.

And Little A went to her first Daddy Daughter Dance.

The girls sat with the Easter bunny.

And I got this awesome Good Vibes sweatshirt. 

T and I had a few nights out including a parent social for Little A's school!

The girls built their own toys at Build a Bear.

We got more snow..

And Nor-Easterns.

Little A graced the cover of Raised Vegan Magazine!

And she also made some awesome pictures, as always!

We had Easter at our house and enjoyed that Soul Bowls has opened for the season.

And got this amazing door mat from Amazon.

Bumkins Baby send me this adorable unicorn plate.

Little A went on a Daisy field trip to a local animal shelter and fell in love.

We finally finished our new (old) bathroom!

Little A stood outside of a store and sold Girl Scout cookies while dressed as one!

My Father-in-law brought over this awesome creation from Vegan Treats.

We dyed recycles plastic eggs.

Which was serious business..

And we got more snow.. 




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