March School Lunches and Kid Food

April 13, 2018

Here’s our school lunches and kid food for March! 

Tofu filled raviolis with sauce, a kale salad, garlic stuffed olives, and UnReal Quinoa Chocolate Gems. 

Sunday breakfast: tofu scramble with peppers and spinach, “Mickey” gluten free pancakes, potatoes. 

Making fresh orange juice. 

Eating rice, chickpeas, kale, sauce and a side of fries at my parent’s house while T and I were on a date night. 

Millet with Field Roast “Fruffalo” Wings, raisins, baby peppers, carrots. 

Little S drinking all my green juice. 

Field Roast Fruffalo Wings, Garlic stuffed olives, veggie straws, apples, carrots, and a juice.

Tofu field raviolis with tomato sauce, garlic stuffed olives, carrots, pretzels, juice, and apples.

Fruffalo wings, Kale salad, apples, and garlic stuffed olives.

Kale salad, Fruffalo wings, carrots, and a vegan cookie.

Fruffalo Wings with millet, kale salad, carrots, dried mulberries and chocolate chips, and a juice.

Little A enjoying reading her copy of Raised Vegan. 

A little post Easter candy snack plate, all the veggies, hummus, and cashew nuts cheese.

Rice and beans, rainbow carrots, and apple and banana squeezy,  juice, and a Made Good granola bar. 

Lunch for a Little S: rice and beans, grapes, blackberries, and some Vio Life cheese. 

Rice and beans, garlic stuffed olives, juice, pretzels, grapes, and a Made Good crispy square.

Gluten free pasta with tomato sauce, carrots, and apple and banana sauce, juice, and a Made Good granola bar. 

Fruffalo Wings, rainbow carrots, garlic stuffed olives, and apple and banana sauce, and dried figs.

My father-in-law surprise the girls with this mini cake from Vegan Treats.

Breakfast one morning: Gluten-free English muffin with Kite Hill cream cheese, frozen cherries and BlackBerries, and grapes.

Fruffalo Wings, a juice, popcorn, lettuce, and carrots. 

An Amy’s gluten free bean and rice burrito, carrots, lettuce, a watermelon water (just water with a splash of watermelon, a small chocolate. 

Another breakfast: a gluten free English muffin with Kite Hill cream cheese, carrots, and mango. 

Little S’ version: a gluten free waffle with pure maple syrup, mango, and blueberries. 

An Amy’s burrito (same one), lettuce, garlic stuffed olives, a Made Good square, and strawberries. 

Same burrito, garlic stuffed olives, apples, carrots, and pretzels. 

Fruffalo Wings, a juice, garlic stuffed olives, carrots, apples, and veggie straws. 

The same minus the veggie straws and tofu filled raviolis instead of Fruffalo Wings. I 

Snow day picnic!

Lunch for Little S: Tofu filled raviolis, sauerkraut, and dried mulberries

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