My Hair Care Routine

March 7, 2018

Hi!! I asked on Instagram if anyone would like to see a blog on my hair routine and 100% of people said yes! So here it is!

My hair as I always do it (listed below), last weekend


I want to start out by saying, I’ve always had a lot of hair and it’s thick! But, when I was dealing with IBD, on medications, and constantly dealing with flare-ups, my hair was brittle, thin, and wouldn’t grow. I lost a ton of hair every day. I was pretty down and out about the change in my hair and I’m so happy that it all returned to normal after my surgeries. So sharing this post is major!!

Thin brittle hair, thin brittle body, big moonface from Prednisone. I was always sick with IBD. 


When I was in my teens and 20’s, I would wash my hair, blow dry it, and straighten it daily. When I was in high school, I dyed it for 3 years. I finally grew out my color and let it grow around senior year. After I had Little A, I was always sick and that’s when I started losing it. I honestly had no idea if it would ever come back! Thankfully, it did! When I was pregnant with Little S, it really came back. After I had her, I stopped blow drying it, I washed it once a week (not by choice), and let it air dry. This is when I started to notice a change in my hair. I always had to blow dry and straighten it or it was a big, bushy, frizz ball (haha). Now, it was calm, soft, smooth and wave, like it was before I hit puberty (who knew all the changes we go through, change our hair). This was also the first time I wasn’t on medication as a vegan. For the years before that, I had never been vegan and off medication at the same time. So any “beauty benefits”, I got from veganism, I really couldn’t notice. 

Thick big hair as a kid 


My hair started to naturally dry with a soft wave. This made life much easier. No more hair dryers, straighteners, heavy serums, and sprays. I havent blow dried my hair, myself, in 2 and half years. Of course, when I get a haircut, they do so, but that is the only time. My hair dresser always comments on how healthy my hair is too. Even though I only trim it every 5 months or so. 


So basically, here is what I do:


1. Wash with Giovanni shampoo and conditioner every other day or every 2 days. 

2. Use a serum or hair mask for 30 minutes once a week (before shower). I use one from Neal’s Yard Remedies or Lani Hair. 


3. After I shower, I wrap my hair in a towel while doing my makeup, getting dressed, etc. My hair partially dries in the towel. Total time my hair is in a towel: 30 minutes. 


4. I take my hair out of the towel and spray it with these two sprays. The salt one I got in a Goddess Provisions box. The other is from Target. 

5. Then I part my hair and brush through it with a Wet Brush. These are the only brushes we use in our house. Great for knots too! We have about 4 of them. One is mine, one for Little A and one for Little S. All the style below. The 4th is a flat one. We don’t like that one as much and hardly use it. This shape is our favorite. They sell them on Amazon, at Target, or any beauty supply store. 

6. I comb my fingers through my hair occasionally until it dries but I don’t brush it again until it is fully dry. Even then, most of the time I do not brush again until I pull it back for bed. I leave my hair down all day besides when I shower (and not wash), exercise, and go to bed. Then I do a pony tail or a bun with these hair ties. 

I also want to list some of the foods and herbs I eat and use that contribute to hair health:


Nettle Tea

Wild blueberries



Chia Seeds

Omega-Zen 3+EPA 

Medicinal Mushroom Blends (chaga, reishi, maitake, cordyceps, lions mane)

Health Force Vitamineral Green Powder



Almond butter

Coconut products


I hope you enjoyed this post!



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