Easter 2018!

April 2, 2018

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and/or Passover! Once again, we had Easter dinner in our home and it was another beautiful year! 

But first, Easter morning! The girls woke around 6:30 and pretty much ate (vegan, organic) candy until they went to sleep at night! Lol! Anyway, here are their baskets. Little A’s looks a little lighter because she got a Gizmo Gadget where Little S got a bunch of cheaper toys and of course they both got vegan chocolate bunnies and eggs. 

Little A seeing her basket for the first time. 

Little S jamming out with her Frozen microphone. 

Little S: “Look Mommy! Chocolate eggs!”

Me: "Yes, let's save them for.."

...(Little S puts whole chocolate egg in her mouth..)

Happy girls!

More chocolate...

All ready for our guests!

Easter table for 9!

The decor is from Hobby Lobby, the flowers are from Home Depot.

Once everyone showed up, we had our big egg hunt. 

The girls and their cousins loved finding eggs around the yard.

Little A went sans shoes.. I didn't even notice, but explains her black socks. 

Finding all the candy! We actually gave out prizes this year so it wasn't solely candy.

"I found a Jelly bean!" 

Family picture!

We did a mix of homemade and catered. T and I wanted to be able to enjoy the day a little. We got Empanadas from Royal Vegan Treats. 

I made a vegan lasagna, we had roasted potatoes, broccoli rabe (with Violife Parm). The sausage, peppers, and onions were from Royal Vegan Treats as well.

Gluten free vegan brownies from Royal Vegan Treats, a Daiya Cheesecake, Fruit and we also had Paleo vegan chocolate chip cookies!


What a fun day! I hope yours was special as well!


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