Spring Break Fun

April 9, 2018



We are just coming off of Spring Break over here. It’s always a sad day when Little A has to go back to school, but also nice to get back on a schedule. We spent most of Spring Break at our house, but, we stayed with my parent’s for two nights as well. That meant lots of vegan goodness!

When we got down, our first stop was The Herd Juicery. The girls had peanut butter toast, and I had tgis Majik Lemonade. 

And also, a cherry bomb bowls. 

I got a buffalo tempeh sandwich to have for dinner. 

Girl squad on Spring Break! 

The next day, we headed to Seed to Sprout for lunch with my Mom and my Sister-in-law. I shared a 24 carrot juice with Little S. 

She also had the grilled avocado sandwich (and ate it all). 

Little A wanted a big bowl of marinated kale, she also finished it all! 

Little S loving her sandwich! 

I had the tempeh Caesar for the first time. This was so good, as with everything they make! 

I also hit up Deans where I found this delicious Chaga Tea. This reminded me of regular iced tea. So yummy and stevia sweetened!  

That night, T drove down to take me to dinner. ;) His mother watched the girls and we headed to Kaya’s Kitchen (all vegan). This was the view on our way there. 

We started with saladand gf Mac and cheese. 

T had the Buffalo Solider which was buffalo tofu with mashed potatoes and veggies.  

I had the Jambalaya with tofu added. This was so good but a little on the spicy side for me! 

When we got back, we spent the weekend mostly running errands.  We also hit up Soul Bowls for açaí bowls. 

Yesterday, our last day of fun, we headed out to New Hope to Peddler’s Village. Our first stop was Basil Bandwagon where I had a gluten free falafel wrap. 

We did a little shopping and walking around. The weather was cold, but sunny and beautiful. The girls enjoyed the fresh air. 

On the way home, I sipped on some Sole Kombucha and took a little nap. It was a lovely break for sure! 



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