April School Lunches and Kid Food

May 3, 2018

Hi! I have a ton of school lunches and kid food for April, but first, Happy May! I can't believe I only have two more months of school lunches to post (May and June). I will continue to post meals from the girls throughout the Summer though!

Rice cooked in veggie broth, a kale salad, baked tofu, a Made Good Bar, a Honest Kids juice, and a GoGo Squeez.

Breakfast for Little S one morning (plate from Bumkins Baby): Earth's Best waffles, strawberries, blackberries, and in the horn is her Omega-zen 3 + EPA and a probiotic.

Pickles and Hummus Sandwich, a kale salad, a GoGo Squeez, a  Lara Bar, and a Honest Kids Juice.

An Amy's Gluten free vegan bean and rice burrito, carrots, apples, and a Made Good Square.

Almond Milk Mustache!

Eating Little's Noodles with veggies and tofu at a local restaurant.

Killing her veggie burger.

Let's just say, they shared the whole meal!

Edamame too!

Rice cooked in veggie broth, a kale salad, a Made Good Square, veggie straws, and a Honest Kids juice.

The same Amy's Burrito, vegan non-gmo oreo type of cookies, a GoGo Squeez, carrots, and a Honest Kids Juice.

Carrot Juice and Cream of Broccoli Soup at Fresh Press Juice Co.

The same Amy's burrito, a GoGo Squeez, an Honest Kids juice, a kids Cliff Bar, and carrots.

Amy's Vegan Pizza Bites (my kids love these! I get them on VeganEssentials.com), apples, carrots, pretzels, Simple Mills cookies.

The same Pizza bites, carrots with hummus, popcorn, garlic stuffed olives, and a vegan chocolate egg.

Little S' lunch one day: Gardien chick'n nuggets, spinach, and tomatoes.

Black beans and rice, apples, pretzels, a Made Good bar, lettuce.

The same Amy's burritos, carrots, garlic stuffed olives, a Made Good bar, and a apple and banana sauce.

Eating all the olives!

Rice with tofu, peas, peppers, and carrots; pretzels, lettuce, a chocolate egg, and a apple and banana sauce. 

Little S eyeing up that vegan pizza life.




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