Earth Day Weekend!

April 23, 2018

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! And a wonderful Earth Day!

On Friday night, we took girls out to dinner. This is a very rare occurrence for us because Little S hasn’t been able to sit nicely in a shopping cart, never mind a restaurant. But she did a great job and I think we are getting over that phase as she matures.

Kinda a date night? 

Little S enjoyed a veggie burger and french fries while Little A had a noodle dish that had tofu and vegetables in it. The place was not all vegan but has clearly marked vegan items on their menu and it’s very close to us which is also a big plus.

The girls ended up sharing their food.

Little S really enjoyed the noodle dish!

I posted a funny boomerang on my Instagram if you want to see her killing the noodles!

Saturday morning was for snuggles!

Little A attempted to fly a kite, but it really wasn’t windy enough!

And of course Little S wanted to help out!


After that, we decided to walk around town which meant I walk through a local park. 

 Chilling, watching the ducks! 

Such a beautiful day! 

Earth Day, I had to go to a wedding shower for my cousin. But first we need to take some of Earth Day pictures in our festive shirts. 

“Our World, Our Future!”

unfortunately I couldn’t wear my shirt to the shower, and also unfortunately this was all I could eat there. Thank God for my stash of Lara Bars in my purse.

I was at the shower, T and the girls soaked up the sun and beautiful weather at the park.


They also took a little stop at a marina. I’m so happy Spring has finally arrived!!

For dinner, T made us some gluten free stuffed shells using Kite Hill Ricotta and stuffed artichokes using gluten free bread crumbs. The perfect end to the weekend!



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