May School Lunches and Kid Food

June 8, 2018

One more month of school lunches! Here is some of what the girls ate during the month of May. 

Quinoa pasta with sauce and white beans; a Made Good Crispy Square, apples, and carrots.  

Lunch for Little S: rice and black beans, hummus, blueberries, and mango. 

The “Velvis” (vegan Elvis) shake from Bareburger. 

Field Roast hotdogs, cantaloupe, and a Made Good Crispy Square. 

Quinoa pasta and peas; lettuce, olives, and a Made Good granola bar. 

Breakfast: Little A had a gluten free english muffin with Kite Hill cream cheese, strawberries and pomegranate seeds. Little S had: the same fruit, but with Earth's Best multigrain waffles and pure maple syrup.

Little S' lunch: baked tofu with peppers and snap peas, olives, broccoli, and pomegranate seeds.

Field Roast hotdog, apples, Made Good Crispy Square, a Kale Salad, and a Honest Kids Juice (I will be happy when school is over and I don't have to send juice anymore for "juice break". I do sent coconut chocolate milk at times, but Little A wants to have juice like everyone else. I am not a huge juice fan).

Mother's Day at Candle 79: pancakes for Little S, and French Toast for Little A.

An Amy's gluten free bean and rice burrito; lettuce, a Made Good Granola Bar, juice, and garlic stuffed olives. 

Same as the last lunch but with a Lara Bar.

A bagel with Kite Hill cream cheese, a kale salad, a few non-gmo natural "oreos", and a juice.

Hummus and Lettuce on organic bread, a kale salad, a Zbar, juice, and VioLife cheese shreds. 

Eating coconut milk ice cream with a cherry on top. We found fun Maraschino cherries without dyes or preservatives at Whole Foods. 

Acai bowl date with Little S.

Rice and beans, yellow carrots, an apple and banana squeeze, and a PB&J Bar.

An Amy's Bean and Rice Burrito, an apple and banana squeeze, a PB&J Bar, and carrots.

Rice and Beans, an apple and banana squeeze, olives, a clementine, and veggie straws.

Little S' lunch: Gardein chick'n, raw kraut, olives, and avocado.


Making vegan s'mores!


Have a nice day! Happy almost Summer!!!

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