My Two Completely Different Nursing Experiences

June 15, 2018

Little S will be 3 in July, she is still nursing, with no slowing down. Little A was weaned right at 3, but didn’t want to be weaned.

My nursing experience with both girls has been so different. I never had supply issues, or latching problems, but I did have two girls with different personalities and needs.

Let’s start with Little A, she was an emergency c-section and I didn’t nurse her until she was 2 days old (I pumped and they fed her through a tube in NICU). Little S in the other hand, was an easy csection, and I nursed her right away. Little A was easy to nurse. She was content, calm, and latched well. But, she also nursed all night most nights. Little S was distracted since day one (always having her eyes on Little A). She would swirm, unlatch, not stay focused, she just wanted to get her milk and be done. The first year of her life, she mostly slept at night, and woke only once or twice. Now, she nurses a lot more at night. 

Toddler Little A

I had to stop nursing Little A because of my surgeries. I would be in the hospital for 7 days and at that point, I didn’t think pumping would make a difference because she was mostly nursing for comfort. We both had a hard time letting go. With Little S, I’m really hoping she starts weaning soon. As much as I love breastfeeding, nursing her is more stressful (she pinches me, kicks me, pulls me, wakes up to nurse anytime I move an inch).

 Toddler Little S

I’m not sure when this journey will end, I am pretty sure she will be my last child, so of course I’m sad to be done with nursing forever, but I’m also excited to get my body back and not be abused while nursing (lol), also, looking forward to a good nights sleep again (which I doubt will happen anyway with two kids).

Every journey is so different! Did you nurse? How was your nursing experience?  

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