Our Trip to Woodloch Resort

May 24, 2018

This past weekend, T and I celebrated 12 years of marriage! We decided to celebrate in a fun way with the girls, so we went to Woodloch Resort in PA (about 2.5 hours from us). We had won the overnight in an auction for Little A’s school, and figured this was the perfect time to use it! Woodloch is an amazing Resort with never ending activities. It’s right on a huge lake so there is water fun, plus nature, sports, indoor and outdoor pools. The fun really never ends! You’ll see a lot of the activities in this post, but there was so much more we didn’t even get to. Including zip-lining, archery, game nights, go-carts, etc. 

The girls do great on long car rides. They were so happy to arrive! We got these blue bracelets to wear during our stay. They loved that. 

Cute, charming decor throughout the whole Resort. 

First stop, the little cafe on premises. I had a match latte with soy milk. 

Next up, we walked down to the lake..

Little A and T went on a paddle boat. 

Little S was scared, so I took her to the playground in front of the lake. 

The weather was cloudy when we got there, but still beautiful and warm. The place was very quiet since Memorial Day weekend was the following weekend. We heard it gets packed from then on, even though it is a year round Resort. 

Boy was this true! Little A and Little S are both still asking to go back. Woodloch is truly magical! 

Outdoor ice skating rink all to ourselves! 

No cold ice here! 

T showing off his moves with Little A. They were all much better than I am...

Even Little S!!!

I basically stood in one spot, but made my way around a few times. I was grateful we were alone! Haha!

Time for lunch! At every meal, there is a character waiting outside the dining area. This one afternoon, the girls met Tiger!

Onto food, we had told them ahead that we are a vegan family and they were so accommodating! They always have a vegan menu available (and GF vegan for me), we would go to our table and the menu would be waiting for us! It was so refreshing not to have to worry about food too much. They even told us that use different gloves, plates, and pans to cook our food. For lunch, the girls had pasta with sauce and baked French fries. T and I had roasted potatoes, steamed green beans.. 

Salads, and hummus!

We finally checked into our room and this was our view. 

More of our room view. Every room overlooks the lake. 

Time for a scenic boat ride! This was really nice and relaxing. Little S told me she saw a baby shark and a mermaid in there. ;)

My girlie and I, both so happy!

After that, we hit up one of the arcade areas where we were alone, once again. We all enjoyed bowling. 

Views walking from one activity to the next. 


We decided we we take a swim before dinner. Little S loved this little baby pool area that was just for toddlers and infants. She was floating all around! They also have two splash pads indoors and one outside. She loved the little slides in the splash pad. 

T and Little A loved the big water slide! I went down a few times myself! Totally fun!

Big pool with Daddy!

Did I mention the jacuzzis? They had two, one was a hot tub and this one was a jacuzzi with bubbles and jets. Little A was allowed in this one since it was for ages 7 and up. 

Post swim, all ready for dinner (no one was exhausted yet! But we were running on fumes)!

The sun came out just in time for Dinner!

Walking to dinner, we needed a few photos!

We were greeted by Snow White! The girls loved this one the most. 

Little A took a pic of T and I. She’s not bad!

Every meal there is 3 courses. We started with a salad that we all enjoyed. 

Despite her face, she loved it! Haha! She also had some lentil soup! 

T and I had quinoa stuffed peppers with a baked potato.  

The girls had some Brussel sprout salad, Daiya grilled cheese, and baked potatoes. 

Here is a copy of the menu options!

For dessert, So Delicious coconut milk ice cream and Enjoy Life cookies!

You know they were happy!!!

Walking back to our room, we couldn't resist this photo op.

More swimming! Because who's tired? LOL!

The next morning, the sun was shining, and the weather was amazing!

Sooooo much beauty! Woodloch felt like home!

Can't not take a rock pic!

Little A did her signature Tree Pose!

Look who came to breakfast!

We started with fresh juice and fruit. 

My fruit and grapefruit juice.

I had the tofu scramble with breakfast potatoes. Everyone else had Cherrybrooke Farms pancakes with pure maple syrup. They also offered Van's Waffles, oatmeal, and cereal. The food was all so good!


Off to the next, this was an indoor playground. 

Which also had arcade games.

After that, the girls played in the sand.


There is a water slide that goes into the lake. It looked so fun!

Seriously though!!!! Love, Love, LOVE Woodloch!

One more swim before hitting the road!

Once again, we basically had the place to ourselves!

Floating one last time!

What magical, special, memories we made at Woodloch. I will treasure that time forever. We hope to go back next year, as much as we all would love to go back tomorrow! Hehe!

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