What My Toddler Ate Wednesday

May 30, 2018


What my Vegan 2 Year Old (3 in July) ate today..


**She still nurses in the morning, afternoon, and at bed. Sometimes in the night as well. 

Earth’s Best Waffles with pure maple syrup and coconut oil; strawberries, blueberries, two apple slices, and vitamin d/calcium fortified orange juice
(Multi vitamin, b12, zinc, k2/d drops, Omega-zen 3)

A snack pack of Simple Mills Crackers.

3 Field Roast Corn Dogs with organic ketchup, angel sweet tomatoes and cucumber sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt, and garlic stuffed olives.

A few sips of kombucha. 

Apples and peanut butter (shared with her sister); and a very small bowl of Engine2 Rip’s Big Bowl cereal with Elmhurt Walnut milk; and half of a cup of So Delicious Chocolate Milk (fortified).

Baked sweet potato and potato “fries”; and left over pasta salad (recipe coming!).

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