Strawberry Picking

June 4, 2018

This weekend we went strawberry picking! T had a friend post on Facebook about a local farm that isn’t organic, but doesn’t spray! It was pretty obviously with the over grown weeds, that this was in fact true! Yay!

The girls and I, reading to pick some delicious gems of goodness! 

Matching strawberry shirts of course!

Little S was pleased with her findings. All the berries were super ripe, red, and juicy! 

We loved eating them still warmed from the sun. Such good energy! 

Little S ate an entire pint on the way home! 

3 pints of non-sprayed strawberries for $6? Sure beats the prices at Whole Foods!


The wild flowers were so magical too. Little A was picking and smelling them. 

My delicious pint of antioxidant filled goodness!

After that, we stopped at Natures Plate, a vegan cafe in Keyport, NJ and Papa Ganache, a vegan bakery yum Matawan, NJ. The girls enjoyed vegan gluten free ice cream sandwiches at Papa Ganache. 

I had a marinated tempeh sandwich on gluten free bread from Natures Plate. 

And a gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookie from Papa Ganache. 

Sunday morning breakfast!



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