4 Years of Living With A Jpouch

June 20, 2018



Today marks 4 years since I had my take down surgery for Ulcerative Colitis. Many of you know, I suffered for 8 years with this horrible illness. I was on high doses of prednisone and immune suppressing medication before seeing a specialist in NYC who found pre cancerous cells all over my colon. I had my colon removed almost right away and wore an ileostomy bag for 8 months with 3 surgeries total. You can read my whole story in the link in the about section.

Four years later, I am still doing very well with no issues what so ever, not even a stomachache. I live pain and medication free and I am able to live a normal life. I have been totally gluten free (and always vegan) since my surgeries. I continue to thrive on this diet.

This August I will have an exam that will see what is going on inside, but I am positive all will look fine. My blood work has been normal, and my doctor has no concerns.

I am so grateful I had these surgeries for they changed my life. I am able to play with my girls and do all the things I never could while sick. Life is so sweet! xo  

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