Giveaway: Organic 3-Piece Towel Set from Grund America

July 11, 2018

The people at Grund America recently send me these luxurious ORGANIC cotton towels and I’m in love! They are so soft and cozy, my kids fight over who’s going to get one after a shower. Using organic materials for clothing, towels, and anything that goes on our bodies is so important. Organic cotton is much better for our earth while non-organic cotton is sprayed with many pesticides all of which I don’t want on my body or my family members.

Want to win a 3-piece organic towel set of your own? Head over to Instagram and find the picture below to enter (@LaurenGinger). 

Even if you aren’t our winner, you can still get 15% off with code: organic15 and free shipping over $100.00. Use this link to shop: 

Organic Towels  

A little more about Grund America from their site:

“Grund America strives to be part of the change and part of the solution in improving the lives of others. More than that, we hope to lead by example, inspiring others to live clean and to know even the simplest acts can change the world. At Grund, we extend our reach and impact by tending to our roots and global branches. It is through our dedication to quality products, our respect for the environment and our family-values that we are able to continually improve and expand our efforts. At the beginning, when creating bathroom rugs was such a simple seed of an idea, no one realized how it would take root and let Grund’s branches spread across the world, hopefully, passing on the idea of natural living on to others.” 


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