Ithaca Family Road Trip (Day One)

July 18, 2018

I have so much amazingness to share with you all from our road trip to Ithaca! But I figured I’d share it in three different posts, one for each day we were there. We stayed in an Airbnb with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and my two nieces. My one niece is two years younger than Little A and the other is two days older than Little S. The girls get along fantastically and love each other so much. Enjoy!


Day one, consisted of lots of driving, two waterfalls, walking through beautiful woods, a delicious meal at Moosewood Restaurant, and third of July fireworks on the lake at our Airbnb. 



In case you want to check out my posts from last year's visit, you can see them here and here.

We got up very early Tuesday morning to head to Ithaca, the 3 1/2 hour ride wasn’t too bad probably because I wasn’t driving! Haha! The girls didn’t sleep much, I think they were excited to see their cousins and spend the next few days with them. I enjoyed this overnight oats from Mush before we got there.

First stop was Wegmans, to stock our fridge for the next few days. I was in desperate need of a green tea almond milk latte! If you remember from when we went to Ithaca last year, Wegmans is fairly close to the town. Our Airbnb wasn’t as close this time but still a very short ride away.

I got some mango to hydrate with!

While we waited for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to arrive, we headed to Ithaca Falls. 

Ithaca Falls is basically on the side of the road. You could really miss it if you weren’t looking! It’s a waterfall on the side of the street. You have to walk along some rocks to get there and it’s totally worth it! A much easier trek to get to this waterfall than most of the others.

The girls took a similar picture to this last year!

And we took another family shot!

So much beauty!

Felt good to stretch our legs after being in the car so long.

After that, we were all hungry for lunch, so we headed to Nikki Greene. This is an all vegan café that opened within the past year in the town of Ithaca. Little A had a açai and peanut butter smoothie.

I had a yummy greens bowl that had rice, radishes, asparagus, carrots, tofu, chickpeas and a buffalo sauce.

Finally we arrived at our Airbnb! This was a bohemian dream, an eclectic treehouse! That tree literally goes right through the porch! This view is of the house from the dock in the backyard.

And this is the view looking out from the dock.

The girls are making me nervous the whole time!

Next up, we headed to Taughannock Falls. We walked along the stream of water until we hit the big falls. 

So much barefoot grounding! 

The water was so clean and beautiful, coming right from the waterfall. 

Cousins bonding! The ground was slippery so they held hands the whole way. 

I was in heaven! 

This is what surrounded us. 

The little ones were on a mission. 




There is it! 

A little rock climbing. 

And posing. 

And pictures! 

Stunning beauty! 

Walking back we took the woods instead of back through the water. So much beauty everywhere! 


Ones we got home and changed, we headed to downtown Ithaca for dinner at Moosewood Restaurant. They have lots of vegan options! 

House salad to start. 

My dish was rice with summer veggies in a delicious broth. Perfect! 

Downtown Ithaca has some beautiful eclectic art all around. 

Back home to watch the fireworks on Cayuga lake. This was our porch view. 

Out on the dock in their pjs waiting for the fireworks!




A beautiful ending to a perfect first day!


Come back for part two and 3 this week! XO



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