Ithaca Road Trip (Day 2)

July 19, 2018

Day two of our Ithaca stay started with a gorgeous morning on our porch. 



T grabbed me a smoothie from Wegmans. It totally hit the spot! 

Watching their Daddy’s head out on the kayaks. We were extremely cautious of them leaning on these railings (just saying!). 

We headed to Watkins Glen State Park. I really wanted to go to the farm sanctuary, but they were closed on the Fourth of July! Ugh! 

The view from the start!

Watkins Glen is lots and lots of steps and waterfalls and tons of beauty! My phone said we walked up 44 flights of steps! Phew! 

I’ll let the pictures do the talking..















This was the view from the highest point, the suspension bridge! Good thing none of us are afraid of heights! 

Another unbelievable time! My soul was so recharged this whole trip! 

On the way back home, we stopped for lunch at Wegmans. I had a vegan sushi roll and summer rolls. 

After that, it was off to the watering hole for some swimming! This was Treman State Park.  There was a waterfall that flowed into the swimming area and you could jump off the diving board right never to the waterfall! So cool! 

The water was icy cold because it had just rained when we got there. After 30 minutes of waiting, we finally got to swim! 

We worked up a big appetite from all our walking, climbing, and swimming! It was bbq time! We grabbed Soy Boy hotdogs and some Beyond Meat burgers. I had mine with a gluten free bun, sauerkraut, and mustard. 

The guys did some kayaking while we watched from the dock. 

The girls did some more posing in their festive outfits. 

And more... 

And bubble blowing.. 

Skipping rocks..

Watching the sunset.. 


And of course, ice cream eating! 

Nada-Moo with Redi Whip’s new vegan coconut whipped cream on gf cones. Everyone was happy! 

More sparklers of course!


I got to spend some time with this guy while the girls played. 

Another beautiful Ithaca Summer night! 


My final post from our trip will be up later this week!


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