Ithaca Road Trip (Day 3, The Final Day)

July 20, 2018

On our final morning in Ithaca, T and I woke up early to spend sometime outside before everyone else. 

Good morning, Lake Cayuga! 

This little shed on our property was too cute! 

I did some meditation in my Pjs while T went out on the kayak. 


Once everyone woke, we headed back to downtown to hit up Waffle Frolic. They had vegan and gluten free options, so we were excited! I could only finish half of mine! 

After that, we headed to the Ithaca Children’s Garden. 

This was such a beautiful spot!!



The girls got to water the plants and even taste a few things. 


Look at hat view! And that basil! 

I seriously wanted to eat everything. 

It was so green, and plentiful!

A vegan’s dream! 



There was a lot to explore there! 

Once we finished there, we headed back to Ithaca Falls since my brother-in-law and sister-in-law hadn’t been yet. 

We obviously didn’t mind taking it all in once again. 

The girls were in awe. 


After that, we made a pit stop at Walmart! Haha! 

Then lunch at CoreLife Eatery. This place was like a salad/bowl version of Chipotle!! I want one in NJ! My bowl had kale, spinacjC tofu, broccoli, carrots and more! Yum!

Then, we took a little stroll downtown. 


Stopped for souvenirs. 

And some culture! 

Our final destination was the Ithaca Farmer’s Market where I took some curry for the ride home. 

And ended the trip on a sweet note with a gluten free vegan brownie for the ride back!


Ah, what an amazing trip! Nature just feeds my soul, so does travel. I definitely have some Wanderlust going on right now! Where to next? ;) XO


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