How I Got a Black Eye

July 25, 2018

Let’s talk real life. Sure I post yummy, fun, beautiful pics but life isn't always that! I always feel the need to share real life Momma stuff because so many Instagram Moms only post the happy, cheery stuff.

If you follow me on Instagram (@LaurenGinger), you know all about it.. if not, you definitely should to see the pics of what I looked like. Talk about swollen!!

Last week, my daughters were playing with my hair. My oldest was braiding pieces and my youngest was getting annoyed and wanting in... Well she got mad at my big girl and swung her purse at her. Luckily, she missed but whacked my right in the side of my face (I was sitting on the ground). I was hit so hard that I went right down to the ground in tears. Once I stopped hysterically crying, my husband (thank god he was home), pulls out a huge rock from her purse. I got slammed in the face with a rock! I’m so happy it was me and not my big girl but DAAAAMN it hurt!!! I have never been in a fight, or hit so hard in my life. I iced it on and off for the whole night but it’s bruised and still really painful.  

Right after the hit. 

Two days after. 

3 days after. 




Mom life is rough!! Remember you aren’t alone, none of us are perfect!!! My kids wear me out having both home from school. I’m just doing what I can each day to make them and myself happy. Rocks to the face not part of the plan!  

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