July Favorites

August 15, 2018

Eek, when did August get here?! Hehe! Sorry for the delay, but here are my July favorites.. Very belated.. 

Stone fruit! ‘‘Tis the season! My kids love plums and peaches! 

How could I not stop for a pic outside this Volkswagen dealership?!

The most enchanting store, one of my favorites. Blu Lotus is located in Montclair, NJ. 

Succulent walls are always an obsession of mine! This one is in a new local coffee shop. 

Açaí bowls at Costco! Wasn’t the best tasting, but a plus for Costco to have some vegan options! The world is changing!

Love this antioxidant extreme from Health Force! Everything they make is such quality!

Ice cream cones in Summer is a must! And I’m not even a huge ice cream fan! Vegan on a gluten free cone of course! 

This new to me flavor from Health-Ade is super yummy! 

So is this one from Humm that I found at Target. 

Vitamineral green is another amazing Healthforce product (can you tell I love them?). 

This Bac-Out has been a god sent this Summer!! I use it in my rug cleaning vacuum in place of the chemical filled stuff. 


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