July and August Kid Food

September 1, 2018

Hi! Today I’m sharing kid food from July and August. I swear my kids eat more than sugar and sweets but I tend to only take pics when they are eating fun stuff! Lol! 

Peanut butter and Jelly on whole wheat sourdough, pumpkin seeds, romaine lettuce. 

Baked tofu, hummus, carrots, clementines. 

Camp lunch: edamame, Lara Bar brownie, carrots, pasta with broccoli rabe. 

Tofurky, follow your heart provolone, lettuce on whole wheat sourdough bread, watermelon, and a Lara Bar brownie. 

Half a Dave’s Killer bread bagel with Kite Hill cream cheese, baby plums, cherries. 


Organic cotton candy on the boardwalk. 

Pasta with vegan meatballs at Cafe Baci. 

Same for Little A and bread for dipping!

Açaí bowl for Little A before coming to yoga with me!

Little S enjoyed pasta with T that night. 

Ice pops for being a good girl in Target. I have to bribe her to stay in the cart. It’s the only thing that works with her or she’ll run away in the store! These were from Outshine. Not my favorite ingredients but all that Target had. 

Peaches while peach picking. 

Açaí bowl for Little S. 

Pickles on a stick at the Farmers market. 

Mixed veggies, cucs, an Amy’s bean and rice Burrito. 

Tofurky, hummus and lettuce on whole wheat sourdough bread, carrots, a made food bar and pretzels for Little A at camp. 

Little S’ vegan gluten free cake from Cookman Creamary. 

Hot pretzels at the pool! 

Daiya Mac and cheese, carrots, baked tofu. 

Chipotle was what Little S wanted for dinner for her bday. 

And of course more bday cake on her actual day. This one was from Whole Foods. 

Pasta with Nooch, blueberries, apples, one olive.



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