Weekend Adventures: Lavender Farm and Vegan Tree

August 1, 2018

This past weekend, we went lavender picking! The plan was to do that, get vegan lunch, then go peach picking. As we rolled up, the peach picking place was closing because they ran out of ripe fruit! Waaahhh! 

At least we got to visit the lavender farm! 

Which was really charming and unique. 

We all got scissors to cut our own, the girls were so excited they had kid scissors. 

As you can imagine, butterflies flooded the farm. So gorgeous! 

After that, we finally got to try Vegan Tree, an all vegan restaurant that serves mostly Asian inspired dishes. I have Summer Rolls. The girls had vegan nuggets, and T had wonton soup. Everything was delicious. 

Since we were totally bummed about peach picking, we decided to drive down the road and hit up Delicious Orchards. This is a Jersey famous farm and grocery store with homemade everything, gorgeous produce, and more. I remember going as a child every Fall and getting an apple cider and a fresh baked donut. 

Little A and S were excited to get Apple Cider Slushies! My girls have never had Slurpees, but this was like the healthier version. They use fresh pressed apple cider that they make fresh. This was sooooo good! The girls loved it! 

Gifts from the earth!

Here are the goodies we took home from the day! XO

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