August Favorites

September 19, 2018

August came and went in the blink of an eye! Here are some things I enjoyed during the month..

These goodies I got from the VegFest Pop Up. 

Got Little A this book and myself a new deck of angel cards. Both amazing!

Succulents everywhere! This was Home Depot. 

Gorgeous mural in Brooklyn. 

Raspberries from the bush at my parent’s house. 

Carrots we grew!

My favorite shop at night.. Blu Lotus. 

Rock Yoga on the streets with Little A was a treat and a blast! 

These chocolate bars from Supah Stah rant pretty high in my book!

All the colors and flavors! Love!

Peach picking girls. 

More succulents inside of Grains and Greens cafe. 

All the Melissa vegan shoes from my girlfriend who was in Brazil all Summer and got them at a huge discount!

Coconut bacon made by my other girlfriend, Lauren. Her shop on Etsy is Moonlit Botanicals. 




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