What I’ve Been Eating: Detox Phase One

October 30, 2018

Hey! So I realize I haven’t updated you all on my detox. Right now, I am in phase two and I’ve started my herbs. I’ll post about that soon but for now, here are some ears from phase one. 

Months ago!! Juice on the beach. 

Smoothies. Lots of smoothies with fruit! 

Reishi mushroom latte. 

Dinner one night was kale, potatoes, hummus, on a Siete Foods wrap. 

Soups. Veggies with wild rice and chickpeas. 

Chickpea salad on gluten free bread with tomatoes and lettuce. 

Probiotic drinks. 

Vegan Caesar from Fresh Press Juice Co. 

Açaí bowls. Of course!

Bok Choy, roasted potatoes, and roasted chickpeas. 

Salads with veggie burgers. 

More salads. Lots of veg and cold pressed dressing (from Trader Joe’s). 

Back on the green juice train. 

Broccoli rabe, potatoes, quinoa, tempeh. 

More salads. This one had Miyokos chive cheese. 


Ill share some updated eats at the end of this week! XO


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