Review: Planet Protein Bars

September 21, 2018


Team Cherry or Team PB? When it comes to these Planet Protein bars, I’m team both.


About a month ago, they sent me their two flavor or vegan, gluten free, non-gmo protein bars to try. They came in super handy this Summer when I was out the door in early to get to the beach and needed something filling on the go. Both flavors are delicious in their own way. I’m usually a peanut butter girl, but I really couldn’t figure out which one I liked better! The peanut butter is rich and more savory but still sweet and yummy like a peanut butter cookie. And the cherry almond fudge is sweet and fruity but still has that tart cherry taste with a lovely chocolate undertone. With 20 grams of protein, wholesome ingredients, no palm oil, and yummy flavors, this bar is an all around winner. 


These bars are perfect on the go, or to have stashed in your purse or diaper bag. I wish I found them when Little S was really small and I was always looking to quickly fix my mad breastfeeding hunger! But even now, I usually spend most of my time making meals for the girls and by the time it comes to making my own food, it's time to go! So having Planet Protein bars on hand has been a lifesaver for those times. 

Another thing I love is that Planet Protein is partnered with 1% from the Planet from Day 1. Each year they donate 1% of annual revenue to a charity representing an environmental issue of choice. They are an ethical and sustainable company.

You can order from their website to try for yourself!

So which team are you? Team Cherry Almond Fudge or Team Peanut Butter? 

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