School Lunches and Kid Food September

October 19, 2018

September has come and gone and Inever  shared our kid food and school lunches. 

Bareburger veggie burger for this girlie. 

And vegan milkshakes of course! 

Second grade school lunch: an Amy’s rice and bean burrito, apples, carrots and celery, and Paleo Puffs. 

Banana whip goodness with vegan chocolate chips from Fresh Press Juice Co. 

And an açaí bowl for this girlie!

Another burrito, celery and carrots, apples, a GoGo Squeeze, and vegan “m&ms”. 

A salad, carrots and celery, Made Good Granola bites, Simple Mills crackers. 

Another salad with Lupini beans, olives, and carrots, roasted chickpeas, Made Good Granola bites, and carrots and celery. 


Rice and beans, lettuce with olives, whole grain crackers, carrots, and Made Good granola bites. 

An Amy’s Burrito, lettuce, granola bites, and carrots. 

More açaí bowl goodness! 

Another burrito, Made Good granola bites, apples, carrots, and dates. 

Salad with carrots and celery (btw, she always uses the same dressing, it’s Trader Joe’s cold pressed goddess dressing), carrots and celery, paleo puffs, apples, and Simple Mills cookies. 

And more açaí for Little A. 

And Little S. We had a lot of days off of school in September, which meant lots of lunch dates. 

Pizza with vegan cheese and olives, apples, lettuce, Made Good granola bites, olives. 



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