Ballet, Bareburger, Fairy Trail Weekend

September 17, 2018

Hi! Hope you had a nice weekend! We were busy, the weather was nice, we had fun, not much more I could ask for! 

Little S had her very first dance class and she loved it! 

After that, we took a trip to Bareburger for a yummy lunch. 

The girls were happy with their Velvis shake (vegan banana, peanut butter, and chocolate). 

I was happy with my Farmstead veggie burger in a collard wrap! So good and always my go to! 

Little S has a sweet potato burger on a sprouted bun while Little A had the Impossible Burger, and T had the Beyond Meat burger. 

On Sunday, we took a little walk along a Fairy Trail. We have gone here in the past and I’ve posted about it. 

It’s such a charming, magical, enchanting place! 

The girls love exploring all the houses. 

And making wishes! 

The perfect Sunday morning adventure. 




This drink hit me right where I needed it! Cold pressed, spiced cider.. HELLO Autumn! 



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