NJ VegFest Meadowlands

October 16, 2018

Hi all! Sorry for the unintended absence. I’m finding it harder and harder to find the motivation to blog. I mean, is anyone out there reading anymore? Is blogging dead? Lol! Either way, I do enjoy it, so I will make the time to do so. 


Last weekend, we attended the NJ VegFest in the Meadowlands! 



Ice cream for lunch? Only at VegFest! This was Bona Bona pistachio ice cream with a smoked meringue on top. Omg so good and such a fun idea. They used a blow torch to fire the meringue! 

Of course they were super impressed! 

For me, a gluten free Apple cinnamon donut at MoPweeze Bakery. Such a nice treat! 

I also hit up my favorite, Yeah Dawg for one on top of some gluten free Mac and cheese (made from veggies with shiitake bacon. 

T had the hearts of palm calamari. He said it was delicious!

The GoGo Squeeze kid area was a big hit with my girls. They played for awhile and then enjoyed a squeeze! 

They also loved the Ripple stand. They got to try a few flavors (we already love Ripple) and then they spun a wheel for a prize. They both got capes! 

I had a Tone It Up kombucha that was very tasty and refreshing! 

We took home some goodies as well. Sweet Mareesa’s gluten free French macaroons are always so delicious! 

Some more of the stuff we took home! Vegan Pins for Little A and I and this magnet for our car. This Vegan Power Co stand was my favorite! Such cute stuff! 


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