Fall Fun, Halloween, and More October!

November 6, 2018

Hi! October was suuuuuch a busy month! I hardly had a chance to blog, so here is a wrap up of some of the festivities! 

Pumpkin Picking!

I mean, how adorable!!!

This was probably the coldest it has been around here for pumpkin picking. Definitely felt more like we were picking out our Christmas tree! WAHHH!

But, they had apple cider in this cute sippy, so all good!

Pumpkin Pie bowl from The Juice House definitely got me in the spirit! 

T and I went to a masquerade ball! Our town had a bunch of festivities to celebrate Charles Addams, creator of the Addams Family (he grew up here), and this was one of them!

There was also fun for the kids! Unfortunately, it rained all weekend, so the events were moved inside.  

The girls still had a blast though!

They made jewelry!

Got "tattoos", danced, went in a bounce house, saw a magic show, and even participated in a hula hoop contest!

The final event was "trunk or treat", which was another cold one!

Little S had her school parade, she jumped out of line to hug us! 

We carved a Minnie Mouse pumpkin!

Ate banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins.

On Halloween, Little S went to school very festive before changing into her costume for her parade.

Little S also had her festive outfit on!

All ready for her parade!

After school, it was trick or treat time! 

Rapunzel and "the real" Cinderella were ready to go!

We used The Switch Witch again this year and it was a success! The girls got some organic vegan chocolate and candy, along with a few little blind bags. 


October was so fun, but I am exhausted! This month is already shaping out to be just as busy! ;)


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