Disney World Eats

January 10, 2019

I figured I would break up the Disney posts into a series. Today I am sharing what we ate in Disney World.


I am sure you can find more gluten free/vegan options then what I have here, but I did find it more of a challenge to find options that were both. There were times I ate gluten (and regretted it). But, eating vegan was so easy! You can visit Vegan Disney World, on Instagram and her blog. There is also a vegan Disney group on Facebook. Also, side note, I am not saying any of the food we ate was "healthy", but we like to enjoy when we travel. Most of this food I was label "When in Disney!" hehe!

Definitely not gluten free, but vegan! I didn't feel great after sharing this with the fam, but so good!

 Dole Whips are vegan! This was a pineapple one while waiting for the parade. Super yummy!

 We stayed at The Grand Floridian Hotel and they had a few vegan options. While sitting at the pool, T grabbed us some strawberry slushies at the snack bar. He just asked for the regular one without yogurt (or alcohol). 

 Vegan Cauliflower Korma from Universal Studios. I can't remember if this was gluten free. It had vegan "chick'n" in it and was actually one of the better meals I had. I am not going to lie, I wasn't a fan of most of the food there. I understand it's a park, but I wasn't crazy about pretty much anything.

 The girls loved the Peter Pan Dole Whips, just ask for them without the chocolate feather and they are vegan.

In Magic Kingdom, we had yummy burrito bowls at Peco Bills. Mine was made gluten free! Yay! 

 Mickey Waffles can be made vegan and gluten free! These were from Chef Mickey's, but our hotel had them too!

 Our hotel also had an assortment of Erin Mckenna's vegan gluten free treats! We were there for Christmas time, so they had a huge REAL gingerbread house they were selling them out of. The gingerbread were amazing! 

 This was room service one morning, tofu scramble and hashbrowns. 

 Another look at the Peter Pan Dole Whip we got in Magic Kingdom.

 In Disney Springs, we visited Erin Mckenna's bakery. Check out all these vegan gluten free goodies!

 This was also from Magic Kingdom and definitely NOT gluten free, but so good! This was the slaw dog from Casey's Corner. I believe they use Beyond Meat sausage but I could be wrong.

 This was one of my favorite meals! Tofu with peppers, green beans, and onions and home fries from the buffet at Chef Mickey's. I also had fruit with it.

 Another yummy, satisfying meal! This was from California Grill. You get to choose 4 options off the menu each! I definitely couldn't finish this all. Everything was vegan and gluten free but unfortunately, I had to get two orders of the fried rice because they only had 3 gluten free options. The vegan pho was delicious! And there is also sushi (veggie rolls) back there, yes with potato chips on top!

 Room service gluten free pasta and veggies!

 There are Starbucks in all the parks, sometimes not called Starbucks! LOL! Matcha almond milk lattes! Mmmm! Just make sure you drink a ton of water too, I got dehydrated very easily here!

 FInally, probably the worst meal I had (I hate to end on a bad note, so I will add a fun pic at the end), from the cafe in our hotel, vegan chicken sandwich with vegan cheese on top and fries. Yuck! I am not a fan of fake meats, but this was really the worst I have had. The girls had vegan burgers they liked. T agreed with me on the "chick'n" sandwich.

 Yummy Chef Mickey's! ;) XO


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