Disney Prep

January 8, 2019

Hey! I’m finally going to start my series of Disney posts. Today I’m starting with prep and what we found helpful to bring with us. 


Lots of bars to bring to the parks. 

I have some flying anxiety. These crystals came with me and I held them on the plane. 

 Magic Bands! A must! 

Our Disney agent gifted us this bag of goodies! Perfect for the flight!



Besides these fun things, here is list of useful things we used for Disney World:

-Cordless Chargers (this was a big one!). Great for when you are at the parks and need to charge! We got ours on Amazon. Just make sure to charge the charger at the end of each day.

-Clothes to layer. This was you can add or take off depending on the weather. We went late November to early December and the first few days it was chilly, the last few, it was hot! But, in the mornings we usually needed a light sweater that we removed by the time we got to the parks.

-Fast Passes and the photo package. The fast passes were amazing for rides with long lines. Highly suggest! The photo package was awesome! I love taking pics, but having to worry about asking someone to take them for us, or breaking out my phone for every photo op was not something I wanted to focus on during my trip. With the photo package, you can go to any cast member with a camera and they’ll take your pic for you. Every photo op (character meet and greets, in front of the castle, Epcot, restaurants, etc), there is a person to take your pic. Every picture I wanted, someone was there to take it. Then they scan your band and the pics show up in your app within minutes. Save to your phone and done! Plus, they are professional quality! 90% of the pics I have and posted were from the package.

-Mickey ears! We ended up getting 3 pairs ahead of time at Claire’s. They were $10 cheaper each then in the parks. But, there was a light up one and a Christmas one that the girls wanted at the park, so we did splurge on one of each. They were well worn! Etsy also has some great ears!

-Snacks! Pack your purse with snacks for the parks. I packed mostly bars. There were many vegan options, but not many that were gluten free too.

-Bring or rent a stroller. For us, it was better we didn’t bring ours. We don’t have a double stroller, but the parks do. You can pay once for a stroller and get a pass to pick it up each day when you get to the parks. The girls were much better off sitting because we walked a lot!

-Hand sanitizer and Elderberry. I can’t stress this one enough! As you know, we all got sick on the last day. I was crazy with the sanitizer! We may of gotten it on the plane, but We didn’t find Disney to be very germ friendly. The soap in the bathrooms are watered down, there are next to no sanitizer stations. Spray, spray, spray! I did before rides, after rides, whenever they met a character, before eating, whenever they touched anything basically! I also bought elderberry gummies with us. These are easier to travel with than the liquid.

-Disney clothing and sneakers. You may not think you’ll want to wear Disney themed clothes before going, but once you get there and feel the energy, you’ll be hardcore Disney! Haha! I don’t suggest any crazy Disney princess dresses (I know people do this, but we hardly saw any), because they aren’t comfortable for a whole day of activities. Getting in and out of the stroller, on and off rides, just not practical. But we did Disney shirts, and less crazy dresses. Sneakers are a must! Along with thick, comfy socks! There is sooooo much walking. I can’t imagine wearing anything but sneakers. Same for the kids!

-Autograph Books and a Marker. As you saw, our Disney agent got the girls autograph books. I think the character meet and greets were the girl’s favorite part! They almost filled their books! I’m not sure where my agent got them, but I did see the exact same books in the gift shops for a lot more money. Best to get ahead. I also found a marker to be easiest for the characters to sign with.

-A Disney Agent! Speaking of, ours planned everything out for us! She was amazing! I highly suggest using one (and they are free). We were Disney clueless; she planned every last detail, sent us any info we needed, gave suggestions, and more. She sent restaurants, the best rides to use fast passes for, events going on while we were there, and any deals or discounts.

Hope this helps! Xo 




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