A Few Of My Favorite Christmas Gifts for The Girls

December 18, 2018

Hi everyone, it’s been a long month. I won't go into detail right now, but if you follow me on social media, you already know what’s been going on. I’ll explain more here soon. Today, I wanted to share some of the gifts I got the girls for Christmas. Most of these are for Little S because Little A asked for mostly clothes. She is also getting a few dolls, a karaoke machine, a playing school set, and lots of those Lol Dolls. The stuff I’m posting here are more of the out of the norm gifts that I thought were really special and mostly wooden. A lot of this stuff they will share. They love playing any sort of pretend. All of the items are from Amazon if not noted otherwise.  

Wood kitchen for the girls. This is their big gift (and the karaoke machine). 





They love making pretend food, this blender was a must!

This book was too sweet to pass up!

The tea set is just too sweet!

Little A loves arts and crafts, I thought this would be fun to do over Winter break.

Little S loves blocks. We never had a set that are wood.

Pizza making, just like Daddy does! They are going to go crazy for this!

These Waldorf style flash cards are so beautiful and the perfect stocking stuffer for Little S.

This game looked fun to play as a family. They are also getting a Fairy version from a relative.

Little S loves a good doll house. She only has a small plastic one right now that was Little A's. They will definitely have fun with this together.

They will be making me all sorts of pretend food!

This memory game was from Etsy. Made with wood pieces. 

These alphabet letters came from the same shop on Etsy (see pic for shop name).

This name puzzle I got for Little S, this is also wood and just gorgeous! WIll help Little S learn how to spell her name and recognize the letters.

Little A LOVES playing school! This was the ultimate gift for her. She is going to go crazy! This one I got from LakeShore Learning. 




There are other things they got, books, clothes, dress up stuff, and some more toys. But these happen to be some of my personal favorites. Happy Holidays! XO

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