My Recent Health Issue

December 20, 2018



Hey all!

I can’t wait to share my Disney World posts! But, it’s a little more time consuming and I am just not up for it right now.

Today, I’m going to share the story of what I’ve been going through. It’s been a long month or so..

On our last FULL day in Disney, Little S and I came down with fevers, vomiting, chills, coughs, it wasn’t good! On the last day, as we were heading to the airport, Little A came down with the same. So we were leaving an amazing trip, very ill. We got to the airport only to find out we had a 3 hour delay. T had to get me a wheel chair, both the girls slept on me while we waited. The plane ride home, we all slept.

Let me just say, Disney was amazing. A trip of a lifetime, but, after word got out that we were all sick, people were coming out of the woodwork to tell us the same thing happened to them. Disney is a Petri dish for germs! I sprayed everyone with hand sanitizer before rides, after rides, before eating, after eating, every single time they touched something! I also brought elderberry and we all took it daily. We just couldn’t avoid the Disney germs! And not for nothing, but the soaps in the bathrooms were watered down, and there were like zero hand sanitizer stations. We wouldn’t be using Purell anyway, (I brought Dr. Bronners spray), but others could be using to prevent the spreading of illness. So that’s my only gripe with Disney World.

Anyway, once we got home, the girls recovered quickly. T had a small bout with it, but also recovered fast. Me on the other hand, I just couldn’t shake it. I even went to Urgent Care, where they said it was too late to check for the flu and gave me some nose spray and anti nausea meds.

When I was in Disney, I had a blister on my leg. We did a ton of walking, so I assumed it was from that. Turned out, it was an abscess which is common for people with auto immune diseases, especially when our immune systems are down. Mine was very much down. I was tired, run down from all the walking, and dehydrated. I definitely over did it and my body wasn’t happy. I figured this is why the illness wasn’t leaving me.

After a few days of being unable to move from the couch, my entire lower pelvis became swollen. It looked like an orange was under my skin. I went to the ER. Alone. T had to drop me off because he had the girls and no one to take them. I had friends offer to go with me, but I knew I would be there for hours and I didn’t want to put the burden on anyone. I sat there for 3 hours, in a wheel chair, holding a barf bag before they got me in. At that point, they had no beds and I had to wait in a pod. What a fun time! Finally, they got me a bed and I was examined.

Turned out I had two abscesses— one that I saw in Disney and the other, was that giant orange sized ball under my skin. They needed to surgically go in and remove it. Holy god, I was alone, going into surgery, in horrible pain and no idea what was about to happen. A chest X-ray, and two cat scans later also showed I had pneumonia. No wonder I developed the abscesses. My immune system was so down! The one abscess (the one that looked like an orange under my skin) the doctor said was so deep, it was probably there since my csection with Little S. Which makes sense because I was swollen there following my csection, but I assumed it was from the surgery. It had buried itself so deep inside my body that the doctors had to really cut deep. I have a big old incision that needs to be packed every other day. This is beyond horrendous and hurts like hell! I have a visiting nurse who helps with it, but I will need to do it on my own. Unfortunately, I have been here before with my jpouch surgery. So basically, I’m reliving a nightmare.

I stayed in the hospital for 5 days. It was a very trying time for me. Brought up so many emotions from my surgeries. This whole thing made me realize that I need to start journaling more, meditating, and working on my mental health a little deeper.

I’m still recovering. Kinda sad I missed a lot of the Christmas season. Missing out on fun with my girls. I had to miss Little S’ holiday concert, a few games Little A cheered at, dance lessons, gymnastics. All the little mom things we take for granted.



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