Reflections of 2018

December 27, 2018


Hi! I am doing better everyday. Hanging in there. Today is my last day of antibiotics. Hallelujah! I wanted to share my reflections from the year as a do every year. I’m going to add on something I posted on Instagram recently at the end. 


This year I faced my fears! I do not like flying at all! I got on a plane for the first time in 10 years to go to Disney World. It was worth it. The trip was magical. After, not so much. 



I took every opportunity this year to “live my best life”. That meant going down waterslides, taking day trips, overnight trips to Ithaca and Woodloch (twice), ice skating, swimming in the ocean and a lake, stayed overnight away from the girls for the first time, got my nose pierced and more!






This year had so many ups and the only down I can think of was this recent setback. I already know the lesson that has brought me.

I always think of a word to describe the year. This year, 2018’s word was: Overcome. I overcame fears and anxieties this year. I’d say it was a success!

Now for what I posted on Instagram.. 

A friend once told me that I appreciate life more than she does. I said, it’s all I’ve been through. I’ve felt like I was going to die more than once in life and it’s the most horrible feeling in the world. To know I’ve made it through that, that’s where my appreciation comes from. I could be sad at what I have gone through in a such a short time here, but instead I look at the positive. I’m here. I’ve made it. I’m a survivor. My father-in-law likes to say I have 9 lives. So many people tell me that I inspire them. I don’t know why, I’m just a person who’s made it out of a dark place more than once and it’s changed me for the better. I have learned it’s all about perspective. My Husband started teaching me how to be positive when I met him. Thank god, I met him. He’s gotten me through it all. Never once was his negative. And I’ll admit, when going through these times, I haven’t always been positive. It’s hard to stay positive when you are going through it all. He’s gotten me out of those funks. I’m truly blessed. And although I’m not even close to being 100% myself yet, I KNOW I will be. Actually, I know I’ll come out of this stronger and better than ever because my appreciation for it all has grown even more. This Christmas, I’m blessed beyond belief. I am a lucky lady to have these people by my side on this journey and everyone else who has been there for me. Bring on 2019! 









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