What My 3 Year old Ate in A Day (New Years Eve)

January 2, 2019

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Here is what Little S ate in a day on New Years Eve:

(She’s been eating a lot lately, think she’s growing. Lol!)

Breakfast: 80% of a whole avocado
A cup of unsweetened Ripple pea milk
Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Mini Waffles (4 mini waffles) (these contain iron, zinc, and B vitamins)

Snack: Half a piece of whole wheat sourdough bread with Kite Hill almond milk cream cheese.

Lunch: An avocado/cucumber roll, 4 baby peppers, 3 Gardein “chick’n” tenders. Water.

Snack: Mary’s Gone Crackers, a chocolate So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurt.

Dinner: Fun dinner for New Years! “Pigs in a blanket” made with Field Roast Frankfurters and Immaculate Organic vegan crescent rolls. Peppers, carrots, celery, and snap peas dipped in hummus. Olives. Organic potato chips. And roasted potatoes. Sparkling Apple Cider.  







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