Disney World 2018: What We Did

January 16, 2019

Hi! Today I am sharing some of the fun stuff we did and lots of family shots from Disney World! These will be pretty random because we did bounce around from different parks and also, it's easier to post them this way! ;) I listed the rides we had Fast Passes for at the end. I also want to say, I highly suggest going after Thanksgiving when everything is decorated for the holidays. It was so festive and magical, and the crowds weren't bad at all! The most we waited for a line was maybe 20 minutes!


 Magic Kingdom was our favorite park. Lots to do with younger kids, and all the characters the girls cared about (princesses). We went here 3 or 4 times!

 This was the first picture we took! Right when we got to Epcot. I’d say Epcot was my second favorite. It was so fun to walk around and see the different countries. Plus, there were some great rides there.

 More Magic Kingdom, this was after The Bippity Boppity Boutique. 

 We weren’t crazy about Universal Studios, there wasn’t much for kids this young. We did like Toy Story Land and did a few rides there! 

 The girls loved breakfast at Chef Mickeys! So fun to eat while the characters walked around. We saw Goofy, Minnie, Mickey, and Donald here. 

 Hanging out in Magic Kingdom!

 More from Chef Mickey’s. 

 Meet and greets we a favorite for our girls! They loved getting all the autographs and posing with characters. This was in Epcot, we met Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy here. 

 Photo op at Chef Mickey’s. 

 Little A hanging in Magic Kingdom. 

 This was the gingerbread house in our hotel! All real food used!

 Minnie at Chef Mickey’s!

 A favorite was meeting Ariel in her Grotto in Magic Kingdom. 

 And all the pictures they posed for after the Bippity Boppity Boutique. We actually did their makeovers at the one in Disney Springs. After, they have this set up where they can go pose for a ton of pics with their favorite character background. Super cute!

 Fountain in Magic Kingdom. 

 The first character we met was Pluto in Epcot. 

 Meeting Ana (and Elsa) was a huge highlight for them. This was in Magic Kindom. 

 Our picturesque hotel (The Grand Floridian). 

 We went to the Christmas Party in Magic Kingdom one night where we met Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. The Christmas party was great! The park was open late, the castle was decked out for Christmas, we saw the Christmas parade, they made it “snow”, and there were fireworks. 

T and Little A went to Animal Kingdom where they went on the Avator ride. They said it was awesome! Little S and I stayed back as we weren’t feeling well.  

 In the food area of Epcot, Little S had to pose!

 Meeting Goofy in Epcot. 

 Meeting Minnie in Epcot. 

 Little A chose Merida's background for her photoshoot.

 More from Chef Mickey's which is located in the Contemporary Hotel.

 This was a fun meet and greet! Cinderella's step sisters were hilarious even when just walking up to their spot. They were being rude and crude, but so funny!

 Met Daisy in Epcot.

 Met Elena in Magic Kingdom.

 Here is the Castle all lit up for the Christmas party. They had all the Frozen characters light it. 

 In Disney Springs, we stopped at Lego World which was really cute.

 Finishing her makeover at the Bippity Boppity Boutique. 

 Little A met Doc McStuffins at Universal Studios.

 This was so fun! In Disney Springs they had a Christmas tree tour. Each tree was decked out to match a Disney movie.

 Snow White in Magic Kingdom.

 Elsa in Magic Kingdom.

 Toy Story Land in Universal Studios.

 Tinkerbell was so adorable. The girls were told they shrunk when they went through the door to meet her, so she would be big to them. 

 More from the Christmas tree tour.

 More from the boutique..

 And again! All finished!

 Meeting Cinderella at Magic Kingdom.

 Meeting Vampirina at Universal.

 The Tangled tree! (My personal favorite besides Peter Pan).

 More makeover pics!



Here is a list of rides we went on with Fast Passes:




Frozen Ever After (a favorite for us all)

Seas with Nemo

Spaceship Earth (Super cool!)


Magic Kingdom:


Peter Pan's Flight (loved this one and the line was super long, definitely worth using a Fast Pass for)

Under The Sea (the girls loved this, showed clips from The Little Mermaid while going through the scenes)

We also went on Small World here and the girls loved! We did it twice! 

We watched the parade here twice which was awesome!




Toy Story Mania (was tons of fun and interactive)

Voyage of The Little Mermaid (adorable fast version show of the movie)

Beauty and The Beast Live (all the "shows" were amazing! Great singing too!)


Animal Kingdom:


Navi River Journey

Festival of The Lion King

Kali River Rapids



That's it for my Disney posts! Hope you enjoyed! XO


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