Imaginary Play Favorites

January 22, 2019

My kids both have amazing imaginations, especially my 8 year old. She can turn a box into anything! It’s really a special gift! While they enjoy turning trash into treasures, we’ve also picked up some beautiful games and toys along the way. Here are some of our favorites. 

This matching game is so beautiful! Lots of nature pictures on the cards. This is The Wild Match game from Katie Daisy. 

I got these gorgeous wood letters on Etsy. Little S can spell out her name with them. 

This adorable tea set is my favorite! Just look at how detailed it is!

They got this wooden kitchen for Christmas and it’s been played with more in the past month than any other toy. 

We love these cooperative games (everyone wins!), from Peaceful Kingdom. This was The Fairy Game. 

And this is Mermaid Island, both so fun! 

Wooden blocks go a long way! 

Another Christmas gift, this wooden doll house. Again, just so cute down to every detail. 

These Waldorf inspired alphabet cards are so enchanting! We just love them! 


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