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Current Favorite Kid Books

February 14, 2019

This post actually came highly requested! I’ve been posting some of our favorite books on Instagram and I asked if anyone would like to see a whole post with them, and quite a few people said yes! So here it is! 

Book: Once Upon a Magic Book is a look and find book but also with a story. Little S could spend hours looking at this book with me. That says a lot!

The illustrations are gorgeous in it as well. 

Book: When The Moon Comes, is a little more advanced for Little S, but Little A enjoys reading it. This one is beautiful as well. Well, all of the books I listed are, so I’ll just leave that disclaimer here!

Book: Adventures with Barefoot Critters, is a fun spin on an alphabet book. Each letter shows something fun the little critters do together. Totally adorable! 

Book: Mirabel’s Missing Valentine’s is a cute story about kindness and making unexpected friends. Obviously, a Valentine’s Day book but the lesson in it can be shared year round!

Book: The Waldorf Book of Poetry is book with beautiful poems for everything. There are different chapters of poems for each topic.


Book: The Usborne Woodland Book is a wonderful book that shows every little thing in nature with a description of what they are. A great learning book with lots of words! I LOVE Usborne books and can never resist a party! 


I hope you enjoyed this list of books, we have so many rotating favorites, these books are not only ones the girls love, but me as well! XO




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